Employee-driven staffing links

You can have new staff hiring automatically generated in your model based on employee counts.

Select "New link" from the Employees section in the plan item sidebar to create a staffing link based on employee counts.



Select "Employee" as the link type.


The link is defined by which Employee you want to create new hires for (Select Employee) and which types of employee counts you want to drive the new hires. In this case, we are hiring Directors of Engineering based on the counts of employees with the role Engineer (you can also select tags, categories, etc).


Then just configure the hiring criteria. The parameters to set are:

Amount - make a new hire for every x employees

Hiring Threshold - make the new hire as soon as you go over the minimum (for example, if you say hire 1 Director for every 10 Engineers, "Immediately" will add the next hire when you hire Engineer 11 while "full amount reached" will add the next hire when you reach 20).

Minimum - if you only want this link to trigger once you pass a certain threshold of employees (ie: don't start hiring Directors until you have at least 20 engineers).

Months Delay - if there's a delay between needing and hiring the person, for example you want to anticipate it taking a month or two to get the new hire on board.




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