Runway / Cash Required

Opstarts lets you view your runway (months left before running out of cash) and cash required (or cash buffer available) to fund your business. You can view these values in the top KPI bar or in reports.

To view in reports, just add the data items Runway and Cash Balance to your report. This will let you view these values for each month in your report. 

To view (and configure) in the KPI bar, click the settings gear on the right of the KPI bar and select Runway and Cash Required/Buffer to display them in the KPI bar. In the KPI bar, runway and cash required/buffer values are displayed applying to the date range window that you are viewing. You can also set additional parameters for the KPI display in this settings window.

Runway is how long you have until your plan shows you running out of cash. If you never go below $0 in the date range you are viewing, you'll see "Over 2 years" (or whatever length date window you are viewing) displayed. You can also set a minimum threshold for acceptable runway. For example, "Runway until we dip below $100,000 cash balance."

Runway defaults to showing "months of runway from current month." You can override that with a different value to calculate runway from that date. For example, you may want to display the amount of runway left starting from a future date when you are anticipating an investment to be made.

Cash Required/Buffer is the amount of money required to fund the business, or the cash buffer you have in your plan. So, if you have a cash deficit in your plan, the largest deficit will be displayed as Cash Required in the KPI bar. If you never dip below $0, then the lowest cash balance you have during the viewed date range window will be displayed as Cash Buffer.

Like Runway, Cash Required/Buffer defaults to starting from the current month, but you can override that (along with Runway) to view the amount starting from any given date. This is commonly used when you want to know your Runway and Cash Required amounts starting from the date of a future funding event.

Cash Required by default will look at the lowest cash balance through the end of the plan date range you are viewing. However, you can limit it to only looking at that value until a certain end date. For example, you may want to display the lowest cash balance just through the end of the current calendar year.


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