Importing plan items

Opstarts lets you import employee, expense, and product plan items directly from supported apps (currently Quickbooks for Expenses and Products, Stripe for Products) or spreadsheets (standard Excel and ODS formats)/CSV. 

Spreadsheet/CSV import is enabled by default. Contact us to enable integration modules with supported apps listed above.

Launching imports

Import in create new plan setup:

When you create a new plan, the create new plan setup steps through a screen to import each item type (employees, expenses, products/revenue streams).

Import from plan item list:

If you skip importing during setup, or want to import additional items later, you can do that from the plan item list (right sidebar). Just click the double arrow icon next to the type of item you want to import.


Import data requirements

Spreadsheets/CSV notes:

  • An initial header line with column titles is required, which are used to map those columns to plan item parameters. 
  • You must surround strings that have commas embedded in them with double quotes.  Otherwise, double quotes are OK to use around all data, but are not required.  
  • Dates can be imported in any supported Javascript date format
  • Numbers can contain decimal points, but should not contain commas.


Import employees from a staffing spreadsheet or payroll provider employee report. The import file must contain columns for mapping required fields and can contain additional optional columns.

Required fields - job title, employee name, annual base salary.

Optional fields - quantity (if you are creating plan items for each title rather than one for each individual employee), start date, end date, department, category, note.


Required fields - expense name, amount.

Optional fields -period (in months: 0=nonrecurring, 1=monthly, 3=quarterly, 12=annual, etc), quantity (for unit-type expenses), start date, end date, department, category, note.

Quickbooks import - required fields are automatically set for you, defaulting expense name to the account on the line of each purchase.


Required fields - name, price
Optional fields: period (in months: 0=nonrecurring, 1=monthly, 3=quarterly, 12=annual, etc), start date, initial subscribers, growth rate, churn rate, category

Quickbooks import - product import from quickbooks is used when you want to create a separate product revenue stream for each individual invoice - most commonly used for enterprise sales. The product name defaults to the line account name on the invoice.

Stripe import - a plan item is created for each product name in Stripe


Importing plan items

After you select a file to import, a table below will be populated with the data from that file. 

After you define the required and optional fields you want to import, the file will be processed to create a list of items.

You can then delete any items you don't wish to import. You can also customize rules to import items using alternate fields.

When you press the import button, all valid rows are imported into your plan as new items.






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