Adding / editing plan items

Instead of creating formulas in a spreadsheet, in Opstarts you create plan items representing the elements that make up your business. The four types of plan items that make up your model are:

Employees - employee items can reflect either individual employees or groups of employees. The most common modeling approach is to have a single plan item for each existing or known hire, and single items for sets of future hires (Future Engineering Hires, etc). 

Expenses - expense items that can be budgets ($x/mo on marketing) or unit-based (x computers at $x/each) with amounts either driven by the expense item or generated from another item (like COGS or headcount-driven expenses)

Products - product items model your revenue streams. For high-volume products where subscriptions are all similar, a single product item can be used to model a single subscription revenue stream (monthly Basic subscription, annual Pro subscription, etc). For revenue streams that each have different terms/prices/etc, like many enterprise contracts, a single plan item can be created for each customer. 

Cash - other cash inflows/outflows like investments, loans, payments, etc.


To add new items to your plan, just hit the "+" next to the various categories of items.  





You can enable/disable items with the checkbox. Disabling an item removes it from all calculations, graphs, etc for your plan.





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