Default Reports

Opstarts includes the following default reports:

  • Summary
  • Cash Flow
  • Profit & Loss [Pro Only] - this report calculates Gross Margin using COGS defined in your model)
  • Profit & Loss (est) - this report usings the Gross Margin number you enter in settings and estimates your COGS)
  • SaaS Summary

Select or create a new report from the report selection menu on the left:

Creating Reports

  1. Select New to create a new report.
  2. Select Customize Rows
  3. Click rows to include/remove them in your report
  4. Drag rows to desired order


Saving & Exporting Reports

Any time you make a new report or changes to an existing report, you can save that version of the report using the save/export menu on the left. 

You can also export your reports in CSV format or export to Google Sheets.


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