You can easily share Opstarts plans with your team, investors, advisors, and others. 

Just click on File->Sharing in the plan menu to access sharing options.

  • Can edit - They will be have shared access to that plan with you, and any changes they make will be applied to your plan. The only things they won’t be able to do is delete the plan or enter actuals (more on that in a later post), which are reserved for plan owners only.
  • Can view – The item edit dialogs will be disabled and they won’t be able to make any changes to your plan. They will be able to make a copy of the plan if they want to play around with changes, but that will not affect your version of the plan.

When you share a plan with people, they will be sent a notification email with a link to access the plan. If they are not on Opstarts yet, the link will also let them sign up a new account. You can customize the default message in the notification email.

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