Adding / editing Products

Product items reflect the revenue streams in your business. The Basic tab lets you configure the product item. Key parameters include:

Subscription Type: choose a period for subscriptions, or non-recurring for a one-time sale (products, services, etc)

Subscribers: enter the number of subscribers you have in the first month. If some of these subscribers existed prior to the start of your plan, check Pre-existing subscribers.

Sales (non-recurring products): enter the number of sales made each month. Check repeat sales if this is a product you sell each month, uncheck it if you are only selling this item one time.

Organic Growth: this parameter reflects "free" monthly sales growth. For quick top-down modeling, just enter your sales growth rate here. For more detailed modeling, use this for growth that occurs in addition to sales generated from lead-generation activity and salespeople. 

Churn: % of subscribers up for renewal each period who don't renew.

The Links tab lets you configure COGS expenses, Commissions, Cross-Sells, and Upgrades/Downgrades related to this product.

The Conversion Rate tab lets you set up a conversion funnel for marketing leads to this product.

[Pro] Terms/Accrual lets you specify payment terms and expense accrual policies. 

[Pro] Metrics - this tab will display product-specific SaaS metrics for subscription products. Currently it is used to specify products as Add-on products for SaaS metrics calculation purposes.


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