Opstarts Sales Planning

Opstarts Sales Planning lets you easily build sales plans and evaluate scenarios for sales-driven SaaS businesses, completely integrated with your Opstarts operational plans. It is available as an add-on to Opstarts Pro subscriptions. 

The sales planning module consists of a set of report/analysis screens (which you select from the main nav bar) to view your plan and item editors (which you select from the plan item list on the right) to enter and build your plan.

To get started, follow these steps to enter key sales plan information: Creating an Opstarts sales plan

Once you've created your sales plan, you can review various aspects of the plan using the following sales planning screens:

Overview - this screen includes a summary of your:

  • New Bookings (MRR or ARR added per period by sales team)
  • Total MRR/ARR (total MRR/ARR of products sold by sales team)
  • Sales Costs (employee salaries and expenses, commissions, and leadgen costs)
  • Sales Counts (subscriptions sold by each sales role)
  • Hiring Summary


Staffing - this screen is an overview of your sales employees:

  • Total Staffing table - list of employees in each sales role including attrition and new hire each month
  • Hiring Calendar - monthly hiring targets for each sales role
  • Quota by Role - quota for all quota-carrying sales roles compared to sales goals


Leads - this screen is an overview of your lead generation efforts:

  • leadgen budgets/summaries for each of your products
  • leads vs leads required for sales goal comparison chart


Resources - this screen analyzes your sales resource constraints:

  • actual sales made taking resource constraints into account vs max potential sales if resources available to process all leads 
  • excess unutilized resources (not enough leads in pipeline) and resource deficits (not enough resources to process leads) for each stage in product sales pipelines

















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