Departments and Categories

Opstarts lets you classify your plan items in the following ways:

Expense Items (Employees and Expenses): Departments and Expense Categories

Revenue Items: Product group Categories

After you've set these classifications for items, you can use them to group items in Opstarts charts, reports, and metrics.

Edit/add departments and categories in Settings->Categories


Opstarts includes a number of default Departments that you can edit in any way. For a second level of classification, you can define Expense categories. You can also create Product categories to segment your products into groups.

The departments and categories you define will be available to set in your expense, employee, and product items.

In the Expense and Revenue screens, you can choose to group items either by individual expense or product, department (for expenses), or category:


You can also view your SaaS metrics by product categories:

The Group button in tables and reports lets you select how the results are displayed.

Totals - display only the total value for each section

Plan Item - display every individual item included in each section

Category - display items grouped by category in each section (individual items if no category is defined)

Department - display items grouped by department in each section

Category>Department - display items grouped by Category and then Department (for example, all Travel Expenses grouped together, with subgroups for Travel expenses for Sales, Engineering, etc)

Department>Category - display items grouped by Department and then Category (for example, all Sales expenses grouped together, with subgroups for Sales Travel expenses, Sales Software expenses, etc)





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