Importing actuals from apps or spreadsheets

Importing actuals to Opstarts from apps or spreadsheets is simple. Just follow these steps:

1. Go to actuals screen

2. Hit the Import button

3. If it's your first time, Go to Setup and connect to an app or select spreadsheet for either expense/employee items or product/revenue items. If you've already created mappings in the past, those will be indicated with an icon.

4. If connecting to an app, select a date range for import. If importing from a spreadsheet, select or drag/drop the spreadsheet. You'll be shown a preview of imported data items. By default, each import will replace existing actuals. Uncheck that box if you want to add these values to existing actuals (for example, if you're updating single items from multiple sources). 

5. Next, go to the Mapping Rules tab. Previously set up rules will be shown. Hit the Add rule button to add new rules.

6. Select the Opstarts plan item or create a new one. You can also select Ignore to designate imported items you want ignored in future imports. 

7. After selecting the plan item to map these imported values to, select a column and match text for the import. You can select and copy/paste data from the list of imported items below.

8. Each rule will show how many matching items have been found for that rule and the total amount.

9. When ready to import, hit the import button. This will save these values as your actuals data.


10. To update your plan with the newly imported actuals values, just Reforecast in the Actuals screen. Actuals and reforecasting guide.




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