Scenario Planning

Scenario Planning in Opstarts Pro lets you easily create and compare multiple scenarios, all automatically synced and updated with changes and reconciled actuals in your base plan.

To get started, click the plan name in the top menu and select an existing scenario or click Add Scenario to create a new scenario.

Scenarios are defined as sets of modifications to items in your base plan. Everything else in the scenario model will reflect the current values in your base plan. Here's how to model various types of changes in a scenario:

Adding / enabling / disabling plan items

You can add new plan items just for this scenario. Go to the plan list and add an item, just as you would in your base plan. When saving the item, you'll have the option to add it to all plans, or add it just to this scenario (it will be disabled in the base plan and all other scenarios).

By default, all plan items will inherit the enabled/disabled status of that item in the base plan. To override that and always enable or disable a plan item in the scenario, just check or uncheck the box. Items with overriden enable/disable state in the scenario are shown in blue.

If you want to switch an overridden item back to using the base plan enable/disable state, hover over the checkbox and click the X to clear the override and use the Base Plan value.


Modeling different values / growth rates / etc

Opstarts lets you model different values for any employee, expense, product, cash item, or sales role quota in your scenario. To do this, open the plan item as you would to normally edit. Parameters that can be modified in the scenario will be enabled. 

You can then override (replace the base plan value with a new value), multiply, or add an amount to that value. To reduce a value, multiply by a value less than one or add a negative value to it.


You can also enter different scenario condition values for different time periods by using the multivalue control.


Modeling overall increases/decreases

You can also model changes like increasing all salaries 20%, cutting all expenses 10%, or reducing churn rate of all products 1%. To do this, click the scenario condition button next to the plan item type.

Then select the parameter you want to change and enter the condition value (and if it applies to all items or only a specific tag/category). For example, here we adding a condition to make all expenses 1.1x the base plan amount.


Comparing scenarios

You can easily compare your scenarios to your base plan and/or other scenarios. The name of the scenario you are currently viewing is displayed in the top title bar:

To compare a scenario to your base plan or another scenario in the plan, click the compare button and select the scenario to compare.

Then select either Chart or Table view in the Overview screen to see how your scenarios compare to your base plan:


If there are additional changes you'd like to model in your scenarios that are not currently included in our scenario modeling options, please let us know. Our goal is to eventually support scenario changes for all Opstarts model parameters.


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